Bali Mynah

Leucopsar rothschildi

At the Zoo

You can find the Bali Mynahs in the Zoo's Short String, across from chimpanzees.

Fascinating Facts

Physical Characteristics

Male and female Bali mynahs are similar in appearance. They weigh about 3 ounces and are approximately 10 inches in length. They are almost all white, with the exception of their wing and tail tips which are black. They have a crest and bright blue skin around the eyes. The bill is yellow-ish brown and the legs blue-ish gray. They have a lifespan of up to 25 years in zoos.


They are found in the Bali Barat Nature Reserve on the island of Bali, Indonesia. During breeding season Bali mynas are found in open shrub and palm savanna, during non-breeding season they are found in tropical forest edge and flooded savanna woodland.

They feed on seeds, small fruits, insects, worms and the occasional small reptile.

Social Behavior

Both sexes vocalize with a series of sharp, chattering calls. They are monogamous and will form long-term pair bonds, which they reinforce through mutual displays and preening behavior. Bali mynas will nest in a tree cavity and lay a clutch of 2 – 3 eggs. The female will incubate the eggs and both parents will help feed the young.

Status In The Wild

According to IUCN, these birds are critically endangered due to the caged bird trade where they can fetch thousands of dollars on the black market. They are also threatened by habitat destruction and degradation.

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