Big Bugs: Outside the Box


Special Members Only Reception: September 28, 10:00 - 11:00 am
Open to Public: September 27, 12:00 pm
In the Pachyderm Building

The world of insects is all around us. Cleverly camouflaged or flamboyant in their displays, the diminutive size of bugs leaves them largely unnoticed. Important to science and necessary in the natural world, their unexpected artistry and beauty is often only apparent under a magnifying glass ... until now. At Big Bugs: Outside the Box, butterflies with five-foot wingspans and four-foot long beetles stare you square in the eye. Giant sculptures, each showcasing the beauty hidden within the mini-beasts of the natural world, turn the tables on how we see bugs.

Massive jaws and other embellishments are striking at life size and even more so at great size. But what purpose do they serve? Are these remarkable features merely ornamentation, or are they useful to the animal that carries them? See intricate details not visible to the naked eye and learn fun facts about the metamorphosis, adaptability, camouflage, scientific study and taxonomy of insects. Go ahead and touch a dragonfly’s delicate wing, the huge mandible of a stag beetle or even a section of a butterfly’s scaled wing at Touch Zones located throughout the show. Take in the impact of these massive models at special Magnification Stations, and ask: What does this beetle look like magnified five times? What changes do I see when it is magnified 400 times? 

Join us at Big Bugs: Outside the Box and behold the beauty that exists beyond our everyday powers of observation.