Endangered Species Weekend


We’re celebrating endangered species during Endangered Species Awareness Weekend, May 19-21! 

From Western lowland gorillas to Eastern black rhinos, San Francisco Zoo & Gardens is home to many animals facing extinction in the wild.  These celebrated animal ambassadors will be highlighted during Endangered Species Awareness Weekend, an event to teach visitors about the importance of protecting species from extinction.  

SF Zoo is welcoming a unique partner, Rhino Ride, on Saturday, May 20 from 12:00-2:00 pm to help educate the public about conservation of endangered rhinos.  Matt Meyer is a conservationist in the middle of a 2,000 mile bicycle ride to raise awareness about the plight of rhinos.  He’s cycling from Blaine, Washington to San Diego, California, all while towing a life-size, fiberglass rhino behind his bike.  Matt and rhino “Lunar” will be visiting the Zoo just hours after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge!  

In addition to visiting dozens of real (and replica) endangered animals, there are many opportunities to learn about conservation at SF Zoo.  Guests can experience Red Ivory, a special film exhibit depicting the illegal ivory trade, listen to Keeper Talks throughout each day and interact with stations displaying bones, skulls, furs and more.

Conservation is at the heart of the Zoo's mission and you're invited to learn the importance of protecting endangered species as well as everyday actions you can take to help protect them.  Guests are encouraged to print our  "Endangered Species Resource Guide" with a listing of endangered animals at SF Zoo and go around to visit them all. 
Endangered Animal Keeper Talks (subject to change)

10:15: Red Panda

11:00/2:30: Big Cats

11:30: Ibis at African Aviary

12:00: Fishing Cat (Saturday and Sunday only)

12:00 Greater one-horned rhino (Saturday and Sunday only)

12:30: Black rhino (Friday only)

12:45: Sifaka

2:15 Mexican gray wolf

3:00: Chimpanzee

Photos by Marianne Hale