International Polar Bear Weekend

Celebrating our own "Uulu" on International Polar Bear Weekend
In honor of International Polar Bear Day, a global event to bring awareness about a warming Arctic and the impact on polar bears, attend the 12:30 pm Keeper Talk all about SF Zoo's own polar bear "Uulu." The talk will focus on climate change and caring for aging animals. There's also interactive opportunities to learn by building crafts and discovering fun facts about polar bears. 

Uulu's background is a prime example of how climate change impacts animals. Her hometown of Churchill, Canada is teaming with polar bears who are trying to survive in an increasingly warmer climate. In 1985 the San Francisco Zoo gave her a permanent home after she was caught foraging in dumps and trying to get into someone’s home. The Zoo has taken in many animals under rescue circumstances, including our sea lions, grizzly bears, bald eagles and squirrel monkeys.