March of the Penguins 2014

26-Jul-2014 - 26-Jul-2014

Don't miss this popular annual event--now open to the public! Watch our four adorable adolescent Magellanic penguins waddle through the Zoo to their new home on Penguin Island. This event celebrates the penguin chicks' graduation from Fish School (where they lose their fluffy down, learn to eat whole fish, swim, and hang out with their human keepers) and their reunion with the rest of the penguin colony. Help them make their public debut in red-carpet style!

Schedule of events

9:30 am, Zoo opens early for Members and Guardians. Guardians take their places in the VIP viewing section. Want to join? 
10:00 am, Zoo opens to the public.
10:15 am, Penguins march!

And while you're here, join us for Baby Loves Disco on July 26 at the new Elinor Friend Playground. Can't get enough penguin cuteness? You can also join us for a special Breakfast with the Penguins on July 19 or 20.