We have two adorable red pandas! 

By now you've heard all about our 1-year old male Tenzing, named by generous Zoo donor and Emeritus Board Member Barry Lipman, the name "Tenzing" honors the famed Mount Everest sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary to the world's tallest peak in 1953. 

And now Tenzing has a roommate! Our yet-to-be-named 9-year old female red panda was born at the Knoxville Zoo and comes to us from Zoo Boise. Although she is far more shy than Tenzing, she has acclimated very well and can often be seen foraging in the exhibit in the mornings and late afternoon. Stand by for an announcement of her name very soon. 

Come see this crazy-cute duo in their custom-made digs. In March, Pete Nelson and his crew from the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters built a brand-new home especially for the unique needs of this species.The show featuring our new Red Panda Treehouse can be seen On Demand under the title "African Safari Hut." 

We're thrilled to welcome this species, which is native to the eastern Himalayas and western China and faces the threat of severely reduced habitat due to human encroachment. If you haven't already, please come welcome these wonderful animals to our Zoo. And if you'd like to support our conservation efforts for the red panda, now you can Adopt a Red Panda or purchase an exclusive limited edition Ghurka Red Panda Pouch. We thank Ghurka for their continued support of the San Francisco Zoo. 

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