Rescued black bears find new home


These two orphaned, rescued black bear cubs were abandoned in Alaska, on the edges of towns. The male cub was found near Valdez in May, and the female was found near Juneau in June. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game spotted and observed the two cubs and quickly determined that the bears were motherless. When fish and game found (the male) he was lethargic, emaciated – didnt fight back, and thats not like cubs... (The female), they dont know what happened to the mother, but she was way underweight, said Alaska Zoo Executive Director Pat Lampi.

Both bears were transported to Alaska Zoo known for its rehabilitation programs, which nursed them back to health. The Alaska Zoo has had more bear cubs go through their facility this year than ever before. Mr. Lampi said, Im not really sure why. Obviously theres more interactions between people and bears this year…”

San Francisco Zoo, nationally known as a haven for rescued animals, jumped at the opportunity to bring in the two cubs in July.

Photo: Marianne Hale