Tarantula Special Exhibit Opening


They’re big. They’re hairy. But are they scary? Find out why the largest spiders in the world are simply misunderstood gentle giants. You may even learn to love them! Opening Saturday, May 27, our Tarantula special exhibit, located on the east end of the Pachyderm building, takes you on a journey of scientific discovery by presenting these marvelous, eight legged beasts in a new light. It focuses on the diverse and natural beauty of these giants of the spider world, and provides a uniquely engaging and educational experience for children and adults of all ages.

Here are a few fun facts:
• There are over 1,000 different species of tarantulas 
• Most tarantulas are not dangerous 
• Locally, tarantulas live in the East Bay hills and come out in the fall looking for mates

The Tarantula special exhibit has been extended through October and is included with your Membership or general admission.

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