Wild Places, Wild Things Lecture


Chasing Shadows: Conservation of Small Carnivores

November 2, 12:00 p.m.; Osher Great Hall of the Lurie Education Center

Former San Francisco Zoo volunteer and animal keeper, Seth Wong, has spent the majority of the past year working on small carnivore projects in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and forests of Southeast Asia. Small carnivores are a group of small- to medium-sized mammals including weasels, mongooses, otters, cats and civets. This group contains some of the world’s least known and elusive species! Seth will return to the jungles of Borneo in 2014 to continue his work with the Hose’s Civet and Small Carnivore Project, Borneo. Please join us to hear Seth discuss the status of small carnivores and some of the research that’s being done to aid the conservation of these ecologically important species.

Lecture is free. Recommended for ages 12 and above. For more information, call 415-753-7073.