World Lion Day Weekend


Come celebrate our amazing pride of lions and see what you can do to help this species. On August 9 and 10, World Lion Day Weekend, we'll have special extended hours in the Lion House (11:00 am - 4:00 pm) for visitors enjoy a video about our big cats, face-painters, and an educational bio-fact cart. Lion-themed Keeper Talks will take place at Big Cat Grotto A (near otters) at 11:00 am and inside the Lion House at 3:00 pm. Come learn about these amazing endangered animals and see them enjoy some special festive enrichment. In between big cat viewing, have a wild time in the Safari Lion Bounce House and see a fun puppet performance by Jungle Joe near Lion Fountain.

Puppet Show Times:

      • 11:00 am
      • 12:00 pm
      • 1:00 pm
      • 2:00 pm

Now available: Adopt a Lion