Help the Chimps

There’s no place like home, and we’re so pleased that our chimps will be staying at the Zoo. Help us improve their enclosure by donating today. 


Make an Impact

News is spreading quickly: Our three elderly chimps Cobby (57), Maggie (46), and Minnie (46) will be staying at the San Francisco Zoo! Based on thorough exploration of all options and an overwhelming response from the public, this decision comes with our solemn commitment to improve the chimps’ living conditions with focus on comfort and wellness as they continue to age gracefully.

The funds we raise will determine whether we build a new home for them in a different location at the Zoo or improve their current facility. Both of these options will take an enormous amount of money which usually take a long time to raise, but we do not have much time. Given the age of our chimps, we must act now. With the understanding that the public wants what’s best for these animals, we thank you for your generous donation to our beloved chimp family.