There’s a lot to see in this urban oasis nestled against the Pacific Ocean. Browse through our pages of exhibits to learn more about the wonderful things you can experience at the San Francisco Zoo.

Fisher Family Children's Zoo



This charming six-acre park within a park offers a bountiful array of experiences and up-close and personal animal encounters. The Fisher Family Children’s Zoo has evolved since its inception in 1960, keeping up with the values of the times. What started as the whimsical Storyland – which focused not on animals, but on fanciful nursery rhymes and fairy tales that appeal to younger children – has become a place designed to amuse and inspire kids, from toddlers to pre-teens (and the kids inside the adults) by connecting them, in a variety of ways, with the natural world in which they live. What was once simply entertaining now engages today’s clever youngsters by combining entertainment with education (addressing a variety of learning styles), participation, emotion, interaction, activity and conservation to set the stage for what ultimately will become a life commitment to animals and their needs. Everything in the Fisher Family Children’s Zoo supports the theme of humans and animals “Living Together” – from companion animals to wildlife in our own backyard and beyond.

    This special place for children and adults includes:
  • Meerkat and Prairie Dog Exhibit
  • Family Farm
  • Insect Zoo
  • Koret Animal Resource Center (ARC)
  • Nature Trail
  • Native American Animal Exhibits
  • Access to the Wetlands Exhibit and Connie and Bob Lurie Education Center

Even if your little ones have been to the Fisher Family Children’s Zoo before, bring them back as they grow and they will always find something new to enjoy.