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Koret-Taube South American Tropical Rainforest & Aviary - 
Grand Opening July 11th!



We are pleased to announce that the new Koret-Taube South American Tropical Rainforest and Aviary building will be re-opening. The renovated aviary will feature a realistic rainforest ecosystem, full of colorful free-flight birds, exotic plants and trees, a charming two-toed sloth, and the Zoo’s first significant herpetological collection—which will include a 15-foot long green anaconda as well as rare tree frogs, turtles, lizards, and snakes. The new exhibit will highlight environmental threats facing rainforests, as well as the devastating effects of the illegal pet trade on South American wildlife. The new Aviary will immerse visitors in a realistic tropical environment and create a stunning new educational space at the Zoo. 

This renovation project will transform the historic South American Tropical Forest building which is located on the northern side of the Zoo. This original depression-era WPA building was originally an aquatic birdhouse. 

We look forward to opening this spectacular new space to the public on July 11th, 2015. SFSZ Members will get a sneak preview on July 11 from 9-10 am.