Today at
the Zoo

The best way to learn about the animals is to see them interact with their keepers and to hear first-hand about their care and wellness. Must-see feedings? Grizzly bears and penguins. 

Lectures, events, classes, special features, and more.


Keeper Connections and Animal Encounters

Below is the summer Keeper Talk and feeding schedule. This full day of fun starts on June 7 and goes through Labor Day weekend. Please check the board at the Main Gate for daily updates. This schedule is subject to change as needed.

10:15 am     Red Panda, Exploration Zone
Ostrich Talk, African Savanna  
10:30 am     Barnyard Stampede, Family Farm 
Penguins, Penguin Island
Mandrills, Doelger Primate Discovery Center
11:15 am     Hatchery Tour, Family Farm
Puente Animals, Puente al Sur
11:30 am     Grizzly Bears, Hearst Grizzly Gulch
12:15 pm     Sea Lions, Fred Carroll Family Sea Lion Pool
12:30 pm     Prairie Dogs, Exploration Zone
Fran çois’ Langur, Doelger Primate Discovery Center
2:00 pm     Ground Hornbills, near Komodo Alley
2:30 pm     Incredible Insects in Action, Insect Zoo
Savanna Aviary Animals, African Aviary
2:45 pm     Black Rhino Talk, Black Rhino Exhibit
3:00 pm     Big Cats Keeper Talk, Lion House or Lion and Tiger Yards
White Pelicans, Pelican Beach
3:30 pm     Penguins, Penguin Island
Duck Pond, Family Farm
4:00 pm     Raptors, Koret Animal Resource Center (ARC)
4:30 pm     Giraffe Lodge Open House, Bernard Osher Giraffe Lodge

Other Encounters

Nature Trail: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm daily until 8/15, then weekends only through Labor Day
Exploration Zone: (daily until 8/15, then weekends only)
Lion House: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Wells Fargo Wildlife Theatre: 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm (daily until 8/15, then weekends only)
ARC Animal Encounter as of August 20: 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Animal Resource Center (ARC) 
Aye-Aye Tours: Weekends 1:00 pm - 3:45 pm; Wed-Fri tours at 2:30 and 3:00 pm 
Doelger Primate Discovery Center: (Wed-Sun)

Throughout the Zoo

Around every corner, there are opportunities for learning and fun at the Zoo.

Docents: You’ll find uniformed docents throughout the Zoo who are eager to answer your questions, tell stories, and share their wealth of information with you.

Biofact Carts: Docents and youth volunteers staff carts filled with biofacts of many different animals. See and touch fur, bones, teeth, and learn about the fascinating physiology of animals.

Storybooks and more: And don’t forget to pick up a keepsake Zoo Key to use in our Talking Storybooks throughout the Zoo. Other must-do's: Ride the Eugene Friend Dentzel Carousel and the Little Puffer miniature steam train, and let the kids run out all that energy at the newly renovated Elinor Friend Playground.

Zoo Manners

To ensure your visit  to the Zoo is safe and pleasant, please follow the guidelines below.