Madagascar - Wonder in Peril

Acclaimed San Francisco artist Henry Jackson has created another powerful and mesmerizing video and sound installation on behalf of the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens on the heels of the 2016 success of his film about the plight of wild elephants, “Red Ivory.” The result of his artistic interpretation of the oldest island earth is the moving and transformative Madagascar – Wonder in Peril.

The rich and extraordinary beauty of Madagascar, with its diversity of wildlife and plants found only on this island, faces an uncertain future. Sadly, Madagascar is struggling to hold on at the hands of insatiable demand and greed due to deforestation, large-scale illegal mining and slash and burn agriculture; as a result, leaving the island with only less than 20% of its original rainforest. Once a biodiversity hotspot, experts now believe that - in 30 years or less - Madagascar, and all its unique and wondrous life, will cease to exist.

Jackson spent many months of research, image compiling, and imaginative reshaping of appropriated video footage. With his artistic collaging and retelling, Jackson has created an emotional confrontation of visual splendor and unrest, that’s heightened by an affecting original score. 

Content may not be appropriate for small children.