Tulip? Daisy? It’s Spring and You Can Help Name our Prairie Dog Pups! 


Scampering around, in and out of their burrows are four new prairie dog pups that have just emerged from their underground nurseries in the Children’s Zoo and we need your help naming them! We are looking for your favorite springtime-themed names to name these four adorable additions. You can name one of our four adorable new prairie dog pups and win an annual Family Membership or Membership Renewal!

Born in early March, these young pups recently emerged from their underground burrows and can be seen at the Prairie Dog habitat in the Children’s Zoo. Prairie dog pups are born hairless with their eyes closed, and stay safely underground for about six weeks before emerging. By the time they come above ground, they are fluffy, moving around independently and are ready to eat fresh greens and grasses. Prairie dogs are known to greet each other in a prairie dog kiss, to determine if they belong in the same social group. Prairie dogs are not dogs at all, but burrowing rodents that are native to central and western North America.Make sure you stop by the Children’s Zoo on your next visit and see if you can spot them!  

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