The perfect gift for Valentine's Day! 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens has the perfect gift for all of those "special someones" in your life. Adopting an animal for Valentine's Day is the perfect way to show exactly how you feel — whether for your true love or ex-love — and support animal care and conservation at the same time!

SF Zoo is offering special $50 Valentine's Day Adopt-an-Animal packages for Orangutan, Snow Leopard, Scorpion and Cockroach! 

Each package includes:

All adoptions are valid for one year and are renewable. "Adoption" does not imply ownership, naming right, or exclusive privilege with regards to a specific animal at the Zoo. For questions, please call (415) 753-7173 x4 or e-mail

Delivery by February 14th not guaranteed. Offer valid through Valentine's Day at 4:00pm. 


"Go Ape" with our Bornean orangutan pair "Berani" and "Judy". These "red apes of the forest," are back at SF Zoo after an absence of this species for more than 15 years, and their expressive faces may remind couples of one another, with their sly looks and furtive glances. 

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Adopt-a-Snow Leopard

Show your love for the 49er's (yes, we still love them) by adopting our namesake snow leopard "Jimmy G's" adorable cubs. These two rascally cubs with their springy, long tails are certain to be a hit for a loved one, young and old alike.

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Whether you consider a hiss to be a sign of love or for love lost — as in 'good riddance', or perhaps because one type of cockroach hiss is actually a female-attracting hiss, the gift of a Madagascar hissing cockroach makes a Valentine's Day statement that will never be much as your recipient might try. 

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If your recipient is more of a stinger then a hisser, then our Asian forest scorpion is the Valentine's Day token of (dis)affection for you. Even scorpions, whose stinger may be perceived as a sting through the heart, actually go through a very romantic courtship dance, holding each other's pincers while doing a sort of waltz. Of course, if the female is unsatisfied with her dancing partner, she can simply eat him. 

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