Koret Animal Resource Center (ARC)

A key part of the Fisher Family Children’s Zoo not only delights children here, it also takes the wonder of wildlife to children throughout the Bay Area via the ZooMobile. The Koret Animal Resource Center (ARC) is not an exhibit, but a working facility. Not only do we bring animals out to educate the public, but we’re also training and inspiring future ecologists, conservationists, biologists, zoologists, and animal keepers.

The ARC relies on the support of hundreds of volunteers who, through the ARC’s outreach programs, offer a unique opportunity to literally touch the wild; where physical contact forges a lasting connection between our animal ambassadors and the children and adults who delight in their company.

The ARC allows the public to see what has traditionally been behind-the-scenes. Viewing windows give visitors all year round a glimpse into this dynamic, working facility and its residents. Adjacent to the building, you can get extremely close to amazing raptors in their free-flight aviaries.

What makes the ARC animals so appealing is hearing each animal’s amazing personal story, most of which involve a second chance. Some were born in captivity and could never be wild. Many are former pets whose owners could no longer care for them. Still others are injured wild animals unable to look after themselves. And all have an important message of conservation to tell.

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