Board of Directors

The San Francisco Zoological Society is governed by a Board of Directors representing a broad diversity of backgrounds, skill sets, and personal expertise. Board Members collectively utilize their talents to help the Zoo achieve its mission.

Edward G. Poole, Esq., Chair
Tanya Peterson, Esq., President *
Joshua S. Adler, M.D.
Maria Alvarez***
William Andereck
Elena M. Asturias*** 
Rosemary Baker
Alex Beckman
Veronica Bell
Matthew Cook
David L. Dixon, Esq.
Alexander P. Doll
Melinda Eisenhut-Dunn
John Patrick Flynn
Antoinette Freitas-Krajcar
Janie Friend
Sarah L. Gammill
Sidney Goodwill
Vince Grubbs *
Margaret Hauben
James E. Hays
Julia L. W. Heidmann
Melinda Henderson
Nicole Lampsa Hsueh
William L. Hudson, Esq.

* ex officio
** non voting
*** community rep

Arthur Humphrey
Michael Kahn
Donna Egan Kampschuur
Alexis Krivkovich
Yasunobu Kyogoku
James J. Ludwig, Vice Chair
Melissa Ma
Douglas Magowan
Gregory Malin
Kelly Phair McCarthy
Elizabeth Philips Minick
Joan Murphy
Edward A. Oates
Shawn O'Neill
Derek Reisfield
Mark Roberts
Sarah Anne Schoellkopf, Ph.D.
Mary Sutton***
David Thomason
David Traitel
Charley Zeches

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