Join our miniature horse, Tonka, on his many adventures through SF Zoo! This month, meet Mooney and Pookie and learn fascinating facts Sloths.


Meet Tonka

Tonka is our almost 16-year-old miniature horse! Tonka is one of our ambassador animals at the Family Farm. He gets along with just about everyone and can be seen hanging out with the goats, the alpacas, or the donkeys! Tonka lives nest to fellow miniature horse Carmela. They like to groom one another and they enjoy their walks together, but they also enjoy their private time so at night they have their own bedroom.


Did you know?

> Miniature horses are true horses, just smaller. They have to be shorter than 3 feet at the base of their mane to be considered a miniature.

> Mini horses generally live a little bit longer than their full size equine relatives. The average life span for a miniature horse is 25-35 years.

> Mini horses are trained as service animals and therapy animals.  

Gallery of Tonka’s Troop

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