Earth Day 2018


Join us Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22 as we celebrate Earth Day! We’ll be unveiling ‘Gail’s Fragrance Garden’- our very own sensory and fragrance garden. Stroll along the paths, sit down for some thoughtful reflection and enjoy the beautiful signature sculpture featuring a California poppy. This immersive garden, located near the Patas Lawn, will be dedicated over Earth Day weekend. A special ladybug release will occur at 11:00 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

Daily Talks:

10:15 am     Red Panda, Exploration Zone

10:30 am     Grizzly Bear Feeding, Grizzly Gulch
Barnyard Stampede, Family Farm, 
Penguins, Penguin Island

11:15 am     Chimpanzee Talk, Chimp Habitat, 
Hatchery Tour, Family Farm (weekends)

12:00 pm Snow Leopard, Cat Kingdom

12:30 pm     Sifaka, Doelger Primate Discovery Center
Prairie Dog & Meerkat, Exploration Zone 

2:00 pm Sea Lion, Fred Carroll Family Sea Lion Pool (feed only)
Mandrill, Doelger Primate Discovery Center

2:15 pm Mexican Gray Wolf, Wolf Canyon

2:30 pm     Incredible Insects in Action, Insect Zoo (weekends)
Big Cat, Lion House

3:00 pm Sloth, S.A. Tropical Rainforest & Aviary
Meet and Greet a Barnyard Animal

3:30 pm Penguin, Penguin Island

4:00 pm     Raptors, Koret Animal Resource Center (ARC)

4:30 pm     Giraffe Lodge Open House, Bernard Osher Giraffe Lodge