Adopt-a-Black Bear

Many famous bears were inspired by black bears, including the teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh, and Smokey the Bear. In addition, black bears play a prominent role in many Native American cultures. 

Adopt-an-Animal: American Black Bear

The name “black bear” is somewhat of a misnomer, as these bears can come in a wide variety of colors from light brown to cinnamon to grey. There are twice as many American black bears as there are all other bear species combined. They are found in Canada, forested parts of the United States, and northern Mexico. They are excellent climbers, as well as being fast runners and capable swimmers. The San Francisco Zoo was proud to take in two black bears in need of rescue, and both are now thriving in their new home. 

Your Adopt-an-Animal donation will be used to support these curious creatures and further the San Francisco Zoological Society’s mission to connect people to wildlife, inspire caring for nature, and advance conservation action. An adoption of an American black bear makes a great gift for friends, coworkers, family or for yourself!

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