Horned marsupial frog

Gastrotheca cornuta

Fascinating Facts

  • Females carry eggs in a pouch on her back, and the young hatch as fully developed frogs, skipping the tadpole phase entirely.
  • Fertilization is external; development takes 60 to 80 days.
  • They have the largest eggs of any amphibian.
  • Their upper eyelid has a triangular peak, giving them the “horned” part of their name.
  • Chytridiomycosis (an infectious disease) and habitat destruction give this species endangered status.


Lowland, humid forests lacking disturbance, with occasional reports in palm oil plantations. They are nocturnal carnivores, feeding mostly on insects and other small invertebrates.

Status in the Wild

Endangered – IUCN 2008


South America, specifically: Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador

Location in the Zoo

Fish and Amphibians Zone of the Sculpture Learning Plaza

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