Koala Crossing

In 1985, a pair of koalas were presented to the City of San Francisco by our sister city, Sydney, Australia. Koala Crossing soon opened, a tranquil setting for these quiet marsupials located near the Australian WalkAbout. Over the years, the Zoo has been home to many of these well-known, finicky eaters, and have successfully produced several joeys.

The habitat features an outdoor yard, where, if you look carefully, you can often a koala sitting high in the eucalyptus trees. In inclement weather, the koalas are usually kept inside their heated building, but one or two may be seen in the viewing window. Most of a koala’s day is spent snoozing to digest its eucalyptus meals, so watching a koala may not be too exciting; however, one look our koalas’ sweet and fuzzy faces and you won’t leave disappointed!

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